This is what Ääni stands for

Reconnecting with the sounds of our lives

Sounds are much more than just vibrations and waves propagated through various media to our perception. They have a straight access to our recollection of the most precious and beloved memories of moments, feelings, people, and places. Sounds can take us back, and recording them helps us remember them forever.

The concept of Ääni Soundlocket was developed to let people save and relive these personal sound memories in a lasting & sustainable way and pass them on to future generations.

In a world of growing number of things and items piling up, going out of style, designed to cease to function, never used, thrown away, forever forgotten, we pursued to create something that is personal, emotive, and meaningful rather than vain and material – a guilt-free thoughtfully designed piece of jewelry that you never need to, nor want to throw away.

Coming from Finland a country of naked transparency, total honesty, and very few natural resources – to us disposability is not an option. We are pro meaningful & sustainable design, and against throw-away & forget culture.

We want to touch people’s hearts, rather than their vain urge to own.

Founder's words

I was looking for a way to pass my advice for life on to my first born son. I wanted to find a lasting and sustainable way, and not store it to just another consumer electronics device or service that ceases to function in a few years. I was looking for something that is timeless, beautiful, and would work even after a hundred years. Something that people would appreciate and want to keep. 

After trying to find the right solution without any success, I became an entrepreneur and assembled a team of experts to study the possibilities to create a device that could mechanically record and store a sound or voice.

The concept of the world's first mechanical sound memory and Ääni Soundlocket® was born

- Krista Kinnunen, Founder and CEO of Zoy Oy