The waves left a salty taste on your lips. The soft wind playing with your hair when you rested in mother’s arms. The distant screams of the seagulls following the returning fishermen’s boats. Let’s listen, until it’s time to go back. 

There are times, days, and moments in our lives that we can recollect by turning to our pictures glued to our photo albums and stored on our hard drives or cloud storage. But how about sounds? How did that day sound like? 

Sounds that we once experienced play a great role in recalling particular moments, feelings, people, and places. Ääni helps you reconnect with your sound memories.

Rather than introducing yet another electronic device that ceases to function in a few years, or an app or digital service that is easy to once use and then forget, we created something that lasts at least a hundred years. Something you can touch, wear, and keep close to your heart. We wanted it carry your memory in a dignified and personal way. 

Meet Ääni Soundlocket® – a piece of jewelry that was created to keep your precious sound memories safe and sound for generations to come.